Vitale Scientific Associates, LLC (VSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Standards Holdings, Inc.  VSA manages the quality and collection of data and information needed to assess and manage product safety, product purity, product stewardship, product specifications and certificates of analysis, and supply chain purity.  We also provide contamination forensics and evaluation of downstream contamination events.  Our clients include a wide array of materials and goods producers and distributors.  Typically our clients are producers and distributors of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, additives, fillers, and feeds.  The core VSA team works in complete harmony with the parent company which handles environmental issues for many of the same clients.


Over the 27 years in which the parent firm has served its clients in a variety of scientific data quality management roles, our services were more and more frequently driven by the need for better process control, product quality, product purity, and product stewardship.  Throughout this history we have been providing a growing professional practice in assuring good science in the conduct of chemical, biological, and physical testing in both environmental and non-environmental applications.

In the spring of 2012, the Management Team determined that VSA would be formed to specialize in the non-environmental applications of our services.  VSA was formed in 2013 to provide science-based quality assurance services – Chemistry Quality Assurance, Life Sciences Quality Assurance, Consulting Project Sciences, Information Technologies, and Crisis Prevention & Crisis Management – to our existing clients and to expand our client base in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Consumer, Oil and Gas, and Chemical industries. Using well-established technical and business practices honed over the last 27 years, VSA set out with a solid platform and experience base and is steadily growing while maintaining its focus on the highest quality of scientific support.