Chemical Industry

Fortune Chemical companies must manage their existing liabilities to stay competitive.  Consumers and governments mandate that chemical companies take responsibility for their entire product lifecycle, while market forces demand better products at lower prices.  Vitale Scientific Associates focuses on scientific data quality, so that chemical and physical data used to gauge the purity and stability of feedstocks, intermediates, catalysts, additives and final products, as well as the validity of required toxicity testing data, can be determined using the best fitting sampling and analytical program available.  Because of the ever-present need for continually improving product quality and yield along with global pricing pressures, the need to avoid flawed scientific data is intense; and we strive to achieve a rapid return on investment for clients.

Services Provided

Through our expertise in providing quality oversight and management of scientific data collection activities, Vitale Scientific Associates offers innovative solutions to chemical companies to balance these competing interests.

  • Chemistry and Life Sciences Quality Assurance
  • Consulting Project Sciences
  • Information Technologies/ Data Management
  • Emergency Response Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Health & Safety Support

Our Experience

For 27 years, the scientists at Vitale Scientific Associates have worked with chemical companies which have complex technical, legal, and public relations issues.  Our scientists have worked closely with chemical production, refinement, distribution and retail divisions to increase the scientific data quality on feedstock, intermediate and additive contaminants, product specification testing, and product purity and stability testing.  Our project scientists have strong working relationships with scientists internationally and many global and national chemical producers.  VSA’s strong understanding of the physical and chemical properties and methods of product characterization gives us the ability to provide technical insight on the quality of scientific data for our clients in the chemical industry.