Food and Beverage Industries

Vitale Scientific Associates’ support to the food industries include sample program design, planning, and oversight of sample collection design and protocols for measurement of microorganisms/pathogens and chemical species in consumer product.  We provide assistance with and/or management of laboratory procurements including drafting and issuing technical specification manuals, design, planning, and execution of performance evaluation studies and performing evaluations of laboratory proposals.

We provide systematic on-site laboratory audits within the context of industry standards, including GLP (US and OECD), ISO 17025, and GFSI.  We also provide carefully designed and executed blind performance evaluation studies.

Additional Services

  • Laboratory data review and validation.
  • Verification of proper data management through data audits.
  • Forensic science services to identify and allocate sources of microbial and/or chemical contamination.
  • Preparation for ISO 17025 certification and review of certification status.
  • Periodic, scheduled quality system reviews.
  • Establishment and assessment of laboratory records and documentation system.

Our Experience

Vitale Scientific Associates’ senior project scientists, biologists, analytical chemists, and data management professionals have rich experience in providing successful oversight and management of scientific and technical data collection for risk management, regulatory compliance, and litigation support programs.  We have over 30 senior scientists and professionals spanning these disciplines, along with more than 50 staff scientists and data analysts, all with varying project experience – ranging from corporate product recall decision matrices through assisting in-house and contract laboratories for GLP and ISO compliance, to the highest profile food and environmental contamination projects.