Oil & Gas

Accurately assessing the properties of oil and natural gas products and materials hinges on the sampling design, the quality of sample collection, and the subsequent laboratory analysis.  Low quality data and information can be very costly and result in unnecessary risk.  Whether collecting samples for commercial, geochemical or hazard analysis, Vitale Scientific Associates will ensure that the data you invest in are valid, reliable, and defensible.

Services Provided

Vitale Scientific Associates offers innovative solutions to oil and gas exploration, production, and distribution companies.

  • Chemistry and Life Sciences Quality Assurance
  • Consulting Project Sciences Services
  • Information Technologies/Data Management
  • Emergency Response Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Health & Safety Support

Our Experience

For 27 years, the scientists at Vitale Scientific Associates have worked with oil and gas companies which have complex technical, legal, and public relations issues.  Our scientists have worked closely with exploration, upstream, refinery, and retail divisions to increase the scientific data quality on oil characterization, natural gas contaminants, product specification testing, and source allocation.  Our project scientists have strong working relationships with scientists internationally and many global and national oil exploration, transport, and refining firms.  VSA’s strong understanding of the physical and chemical properties and methods of oil characterization gives us the ability to provide technical insight on the quality of scientific data for oil and gas clients.