David I. Thal

Director/Principal Scientist
Knoxville, TN

Professional Experience
Mr. Thal has more than 30 years of diversified experience in the field of analytical chemistry and process control. This experience includes research design; oversight of laboratory and inter-laboratory research; development, validation, and application of advanced analytical methods; and laboratory technical management, quality assurance planning, and consultation on the development of data quality objectives for scientific studies.  He specializes in the design, management, and evaluation of laboratory studies involving foods, feeds, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other materials; studies focused on contaminant bioavailability of and on source identification and source allocation of mixed contaminants.  He also has experience in studies of airborne contaminants in association with product off-gassing.  He has developed and executed detailed analytical plans involving private, regulatory and legal stakeholders, meeting FDA, ISO, ASTM, and AOAC standards and has conducted many successful projects meeting stringent analytical and QA/QC requirements.

Mr. Thal has extensive experience in supervising and performing US regulatory, and ASTM analytical methods and method validation.  He participated in the inter-laboratory validation of US regulatory and ASTM methods for analysis of polychlorinated dioxins and furans, polychlorinated biphenyls and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.  He has participated in several laboratory inter-comparison exercises with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  He participates on the ISO Technical Advisory Group, setting international standards for the analysis of persistent, bioaccumulating, and toxic compounds in water.  He also participates on the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council.

He provided assistance to the FDA in assessing dioxin contamination of chicken through contaminated feeds.  He provided assistance to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to identify contaminated sources of fish feeds.  He implemented a successful chemical off-gas testing program and statistical process control program for BASF. He provided analytical method improvements in the analysis of B vitamins and iron for Research Products Corporation and implemented an associated statistical process control method.  He has provided technical planning, supervision, and program management for several multi-million dollar analytical projects involving up to five laboratories, applying innovative strategies and new, high-performance methods.  Examples include the New York/New Jersey Contaminant Assessment and Reduction Program TMDL Study, the New Orleans Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Dredged Material Management Study, and the Lower Passaic River Restoration Project Low-Resolution Coring Study.

Mr. Thal is a Certified Environmental Analytical Chemist through the National Registry of Certified Chemists.

Mr. Thal is a member of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, the American Chemical Society, American Society for Testing and Materials, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council, International Society for Environmental Forensics, and the NELAC Institute.

Mr. Thal received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 1976 and Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry in 1988 from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has also completed graduate-level course work in research design.