Shaun M. Gilday

Project Scientist
Valley Forge, PA

Professional Experience
Mr. Gilday has 10 years of diverse experience in the field of quality assurance and sample program design and implementation. This experience includes oversight and auditing on a variety of scientific data sample collection activities; sample program planning and development; quality assurance planning and program review; and consultation on the development of data quality objectives for scientific studies.  He specializes in establishing sample management information systems and statistical sample program design for complex and iterative processes to maximize efficiency, reduce deviations, and evolve data collection endeavors.

Mr. Gilday has experience in the development, implementation, and management of scientific and technical projects. He has prepared numerous detailed technical scientific studies for regulatory submittal and review. As well as a technical expert, Mr. Gilday is a thoroughly competent Project Manager and has managed a variety of projects to successful completion.

Mr. Gilday is a Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Mr. Gilday received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Atmospheric Physics, from University of Delaware in 2004. He also completed advanced credit course work in GIS, Geophysics, and Hydrogeology while attending University of Delaware in 2004.